Item No:JA-1002/1003C/1005C

Product Name: LSA Connection Module

JA-1002, 10 Pair LSA Connection Module (237B)

JA-1005C, 10 Pair LSA Profil Connection Module

JA-1003C, 8 Pair LSA Connection Module



1. The modules contain a one piece contact providing a continuous link between wiring.

2. Internal diameter of wire: 0.4mm-0.65mm.
3. Color: grey base, grey body.


1. Plastic Parts: PBT-V0 UL94 or ABS.

2. Contacts Pin: 0.5mm Phosphor bronze with silver-plated.

3. Silver-plated: 30U or Client Request.

Size: 10 Pair: 124x21x40mm

          8 Pair: 104x21x40mm