Item No:JA-2051/2052/2053

Product Name: Indoor Distribution Box with Key

JA-2051, 30 Pair Distribution Box

JA-2052, 50 Pair Distribution Box

JA-2053, 100 Pair Distribution Box



1.Capacity of box several 10 pair LSA disconnection modules.
2.Dustproof box is suitable for indoor wire distribution.
3.Box with 4 Pcs wire ring and key lock.


1.Material of Plastic Parts: ABS.

2.Material of back mounting: 1mm thickness Stainless steel.

Size: 30 Pair: 170mmx140mmx75 mm.

        50 Pair: 210mmx160mmx90 mm.

      100 Pair: 320mmx209mmx122 mm.