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Item No:JC-1005/1007

Product Name: Desktop Box

JA-1005, Single port Destktop Box

JA-100A, Single port Destktop Box

JA-1007B, Dual ports Destktop Box

JA-1007C, three ports Destktop Box

Description of JC-1005-80

1.JA-1005-80, French style

2. Suitable for 80x80mm face plate.
3. Size: 80mmx80mmx45mm.
4. Material: ABS plastic.

Description of JC-1005-86

1.JA-1005-86, USA style

2. Suitable for 86x86mm face plate.
3. Size: 86mmx86mmx45mm.
4. Material: ABS plastic.

Description of JC-1007

1.JC-1007A: Single port.

2. JC-1007B: Dual ports
3. JC-1007C, Three Ports
4. Material: Yellow colour ABS plastic.
5. With 2pcs length screw