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Item No:JF-2035
Product Name: 12 Core Fiber ODF (FTTH)


1. This 12 core FTTH terminal box is for 16 Capacity of With 5U.

2. The ODF can be mounted on 19" rack cabinet or wall mount.

3. This FTTH can be loaded with adapters, splice cassettes tray and pigtails.

4. One-pack adapter panels mounted in the front board are selectable with FC & SC  type.

5.12 core fusion splicing and distribution module can be used 0.9mm pigtail.

Technical data:

1.Winding radius 40mm.

2.Working temperature -25C~+45C.

3.Atmosphere pressure 70~106Kpa.

4. Insulated Resistance 210M/500V(DC).